Conference registration (which includes an afternoon community session on Sunday, July 12, Monday night’s event at UT Dallas and all general and plenary sessions on Tuesday, July 14) is $100 if you register by April 15. 

From April 16-June 26 the price is $150 and after that the price goes up to $225. 

Workshops are a separate price, and this year we have expanded our offering to include some on Sunday, as well as Monday. The price for workshops is $100 for the first one, and then $50 for each additional workshop (maximum number of three). 

*Please note that CSTA does not cover the cost of registration, travel or accommodations for speakers or attendees. 

Please email any questions to t.nash@csta-hq.org

Josh Paley

Josh Paley is a Computer Science and Mathematics teacher at Henry M. Gunn HS in Palo Alto, CA, where he helped to grow the computer science program from 50-60 students to about 350 in 2015, including significant growth in the number and percentage of female students. He is excited about partnering with UC-Berkeley on their Beauty and Joy of Computing, a new AP CS Principles course.

Josh is an avid indoors man as he is allergic to things such as plants, dirt, and probably fresh air. He enjoys fantasy baseball, board games, and poker, and he is a ferocious Boggle player. Josh has an awesome wife, Suzanne, who does bioinformatics at SRI International, and three amazing kids: Allison (age 18), Karen (16), and Trevor (13). 

My Speakers Sessions

Sunday, July 12